The concept of the site is based on the principle WIN-WIN in fact members of the site are rewarded with gifts, OF THEIR CHOICE, such as laptops, smartphones, tablets, all of last generation, and even long weekend full board in luxury hotels.
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The Concepte Site Cadeaux2Visites is based on the principle WIN-WIN .
The pages contain advertisements that must be seen the maximum time possible.
By registering as a member of the site and after choosing your gift, you will receive your own affiliate link.
Your role is to share this link on social networks such as facebook, twitter , hi5, skyrock , ample , netlog ... or on forums, chat sites ... so you can broadcast your own blog or website.
Each time a user visits Cadeaux2Visites via your link, your balance will be incremented by a visit .
Although the same procedure is applied to all members.
The counting system of Cadeaux2Visites records all visits and class members in descending order based on total visits of each member.
All 10,000 visits , the system displays the first three members in the rankings.
Each member will receive by post the gift he would chose at registration.

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