Small streams make big rivers

You pay for watching TV , reading the newspaper or surf the web and yet you are free forced to watch the ads you impose these media. In what follows I will talk about a very profitable online business where you do not spend money, but you might gain much and where your decision is yours , however you need to arm yourself with a lot of patience, determination and perseverance.

Indeed it is PTC WEBSITES , some readers of these humble lines will say WHAT IS THIS PTC WEBSITES ?


The PTC WEBSITES are sites where you can earn money by clicking ads they display (PTC means Paid To Click )

The principle of PTC WEBSITES !

Advertisers pay the PTC WEBSITES for they display their ads and PTC WEBSITES pay people who click on these ads.

How you can earn on PTC WEBSITES ?

You can earn up to $ 40 a day and I 'll show you how , however, and as I say above, you should be convinced by what you do and you invest in terms of patience, determination and availability.

Composition of your income on PTC WEBSITES !

I told you that you are paid by PTC WEBSITES for your cliques, also you are paid by these sites for clicks of your referrals, indeed ,within their affiliate programs, these said websites provide you a personal affiliate link that you must promote on the net (social networks , forums, email and possibly your website ... ) , and every time a new member registers on a PTC WEBSITE through your link, he becomes your direct referral and when he earns money, you earn too. .

PTC WEBSITES also have a rental program referrals.

So your income on PTC WEBSITES are the sum of your direct earnings and those indirect returned by your referrals whether direct or rented. How to earn up to $ 40 a day ? I will present the strategy to achieve this gain ...


Number of sites to manage:
- Gross time for a click ( site access, loading of advertising, display advertising ... ) is of the order of 45 seconds .
- In one hour you can click 3600/45 = 80 ads .
- For a given site is clicked average of 15 advertisements .
- We can then manage five ( 05) sites in one hour .
AL = Rented Referral
AD = Direct Referral
Direct click varies from $ 0.001 to $ 0.01
Referral click is about $ 0.005
Renting a referral: $ 0.2/month


Step #1:

Start to arrange your time to spend an hour a day to this activity.

Step #2:

Sign up to five of the first seven PTC WEBSITES I propose ProBux NeoBux ClixView NaidBux ZapBux MyStormClicks OjooO  (see banners on the right) .
Note your affiliate links that give you the sites.

Step #3:

Start promoting your own links for your first direct referrals for each PTC WEBSITE.

Step #4:

Start by clicking the ads displayed by PTC WEBSITES every day, until a balance $ 0.60 per site , invest them to rent your first 3 referrals for each site.

A - PTC WEBSITE shows an average of 20 ads / day , assume that you will click only 15, so for the $ 0.60 you must work:
0.60 / ( 0.001 x 15) = 40 days
(You say it's too long ... I tell you not seen the objective) B - Assume that each rented referral clicks 5 ads per day which allows you to earn through your 3 referrals:
0.005 x 5 x 3 = $ 0.075 per day

Step #5:

Reinvest your earnings to rent other referrals - Usually PTC WEBSITES allow rent package of 3 , 5, 10 , 20, ... referrals- Repeat until get 100 active referrals, certainly the profitability of this operation take a bit of time to be reached and it is like any project.

Your daily gain through your 100 active sharpened would be:
 0.005 x 5 x 100 = $ 2.5 per day

Step #6:

When you reach 100 active referrals, stop momentarily to rent new referrals, but continue to pay for keeping your 100 active referrals.

When your balance allows you to upgrade your account to become a premium account or another type more profitable DO IT .

Step #7:

Once your account is upgraded, the cost of clicks will be improved :

- The cost of a referral click will double from 0.005 to 0.01 .
- The cost of your click will be multiplied by 10 from 0.001 to 0.01 .

Where your earnings :

Via referrals clicks: 0.01 x 5 x 100 = $ 5 per day
Via personal clicks: 0.01 x 15 = $ 0.15 per day

A total daily earnings:
$ 5 + 0.10 = $ 5.1 per day

Step #8:


Return to the rental referrals up to 300 active referrals, which will allow you to achieve :

Referrals : 0.01 x 5 x 300 = $ 15 per day
Personal : 0.01 x 15 = $ 0.10 per day

A daily average per site :

$ 15 + 0.10 = $ 15.1 per day

Remember that you are working on five (05) PTC WEBSITES and assume that this strategy is only true for three of your five PTC WEBSITES, so::

Your total gain would be about $ 45 / day

Summary :

* Daily click all the ads offer sites .
* Continue actively promoting your links.
* Check the number of active referrals who click on ads everyday.
* Recycle referrals who have not clicked on the ads for more than 7 days .
* If an active referral suddenly stops click on the ads, do not recycle immediately, wait, maybe he has a temporary problem (no internet, pc down, holidays, travel ...).
* Be patient and carefully follow the eight steps of the strategy.
* Put your referrals in Autopay on sites that offer this feature, which allows you to keep all your active referrals.

In conclusion

I tried to present in brief a strategy that really works and helps many people patients , motivated, persistent and invested to earn money through PTC WEBSITES by only working there about an hour daily.
The best way to check all this is to register on the sites that I propose ProBux NeoBux ClixView NaidBux ZapBux MyStormClicks OjooO .... And follow the recommended strategy .


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